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From an Idea to a Product | JCSW

Everyone on earth has a gift or talent for at least doing one specific thing in their life. Many of us through out life struggle to find this said talent. The lucky ones who do rarely turn that gift into a successful business or career.

That is not the case with JC Sodora, founder of JC Sodora Woodworking. Not only does he have a unique eye for design, but he is able to create products from wood that has lead to a successful business. From custom furniture pieces to cabinets to total home remodels, JC has been designing for over twenty years.

JC Sodora Woodworking provides antique and salvaged good restorations.
Salvaged antiques

Handcrafted industrial shelving unit by JC Sodora Woodworking out of Garfield, NJ
Industrial Shelving Unit

To learn more about JC and his work, head on over to his website |


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